Our musical instruments

The Karmína ensemble plays more than 50 musical instruments. Beside the classical instruments there are replicas of historical instruments and many unconventional folk instruments that give the performance unforgetable atmosphere.

Some of them are made by Miroslav Sekáč or by the members of Karmína, others are brought by the ensemble from its tours over the world.

Follow us to immerse into the times of troubadours, aristocrats even the Czech folk traditions and take a look on some of them.

QuintonBass recorder VozembouchLarge tromba marina KobzaHornSmall tromba marinaBratsche MandolineChalumeau Tenor cornamusaLuteCrumhornSmall drum Alt fiddleAlt cornamusaPlatterspielSmall cimbalon Ala BoemicaRenaissance bagpipesHurdy-gurdyFiddle Some percussionsFanfrnoch Large clapperLarge drumPsalteriumTromphi TambourSouthwest Bohemia bagpipes


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